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another nameless poem

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another nameless poem

Post by Dan on Sat Jan 04, 2014 6:12 pm

breathe in, breathe out, the basics of life this is about.
oxygen comes from trees, can we have more of them please?
Stop cutting 'em all down, your making our lungs frown.
Quit tearing chunks out the ground, waking her up with mechanical sounds.
Stop poisoning our land, sea and air, it affects us all and it's not fair.
Leave radiation where it lay, Fukishima is still killing life today.
It will do for years to pass, a thousand years some radiation lasts.
Water is needed for all life, selling it creates much strife.
the same goes for all food, to control production is just rude.
Give people some free land, so their allotments can be planned.
And leave something for the next generation to build a better nation


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