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Aware Inspiration

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Aware Inspiration

Post by anolau on Sun Jan 05, 2014 12:43 am

Happiness everlasting for eternity.
Together we can be.
Move away with you feet.
On this way new people you can meet.

Lots of possibilities will be new.
True spiritiual divintity for the few.
Awareness about our trust
Love will conquer the lust.

A community which shares together.
No matter what kind of weather.
A state of mind from another sight.
We will be guided by the light.

This will come straight from the heart.
I believe that one day we can start.
No discriminating and hating.
Hold my hand an go out creating.

Believe in the good of the world.
So our thoughts will not get twisted and twirled.
Smile on and enjoy the journey.
Freedom is where we will be.

Meditation will grow away our agitation.
This will gather new motivation.
A new nation.


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