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Not a criminal

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Not a criminal

Post by Dan on Sun Jan 05, 2014 12:25 am

I'm not a criminal because I smoke a natural chemical for reasons that are clinical. There excuses are so pitiful, my reasons they are biblical. Why do you look so quizzical? My evidence is admissible, the thinking behind it is transitional and there forcing me in to the Municipal despite the true owners being (ab)original, but that title is conditional. It is only when it benefits the war-criminals is it pivotal, their behavior is predictable 'cos it's mainly fictional. they're constantly jurisdictional. It's said we're at a pinnacle but i find it inhospitable and that has become transmittable, we want to be individual. When will it be extricable to say these things political when right now it unthinkable, is their ship unsinkable? I wonder are we capable, before it's inescapable, this world it is so breakable but my voice remains unshakeable. It's unmistakeable that the educational has become more vocational and it's becoming generational, the lost knowledge of our past is irreplaceable. For me it's undeniable that these crooks can be held liable, for their acts are unjustifiable and there totally unreliable.


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