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Stuck in repeat

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Stuck in repeat

Post by Dan on Sat Jan 04, 2014 6:49 pm

stuck in repeat, stuck in repeat, trying to never miss a beat. day after day stuck on replay just waiting for some pay at some early hour of day to buy gas to keep baby warm, outside there is a storm, but the meter don't care you had to wash little one's hair. life's just not fair. so stand and stare out the window at the wind blow, the rain pounding and thunder sounding. Off goes the mut, stuck in a rut.

stuck in repeat, stuck in repeat... work tomorrow, I'm in deep sorrow already. life is boring and steady, smoke some grass to make time last relaxing. I wish work wasn't so taxing. Get on the train, squashed, what a pain. Same shit different day, stuck in replay.

stuck in repeat, stuck in repeat, Works a drag, time does lag, an hour feel like a year. boss ruling with fear over your shoulder, friends say I'm looking older. The nights grow darker and colder. I got to get outta this poop, stuck in a loop.

stuck in repeat, stuck in repeat. Works over, suns gone down, i exit with a frown. Jump in the car, straight down the bar... ahhh... beer tasted good, but I don't know if I should have another. Too late I'm handed one by my brother from another mother. Time flies now, somehow, and now 'bars closing and I've lost half my clothing. Stuck in my loathing.

stuck in repeat, stuck in repeat. make it home, the wife's got a bone, what's wrong now, what, that's my fault somehow? That's it I can't take this shit, going out for a bit. Yes this time of night, I don't get frightened so easy. The night's still young and the women are sleazy. Walking down the street, trying to stay discrete, you can see folks that generate hate stuck in duplicate.

stuck in repeat, stuck in repeat. Make it back up the street ten minutes later, Make it up to the wife 'cos i feel like a traitor. I'm sorry I left earlier but your verbal BS was giving my ear a hernia and i couldn't take it. I just had to go out for a bit and sit in the park, in the dark with my grass. Stuck in an old forecast.

stuck in repeat, stuck in repeat. The world is ending today, same as it was yesterday, because we still pay these companies who invade countries with loans on stones and liquid, black gold don't get it twisted and until the power is shifted and those bastards are convicted we're stuck in repeat, stuck in repeat.


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