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Wake up sleeping masses!

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Wake up sleeping masses!

Post by Dan on Sat Jan 04, 2014 6:10 pm

Wake up sleeping masses, please lend me your ear.
We're living in a world ruled by money, greed and fear.
Corporations are your masters, they tell you what to do.
The needs of the many ignored for the sake of a few.

Wake up sleeping masses, go to work today.
It's time to run around in the hamster wheel for pay.
Here we work eight hours, over "there" it's twelve.
the story get's worse the deeper we delve.

Wake up sleeping masses, why do you go to work?
To suck up to a boss who treats you like a jerk?
To help fund a system that treats you like a number?
And invades other countries simply for their plunder?

Wake up sleeping masses, they are earning off your fun.
The tax on that drink probably went towards a gun.
Your hands are stained with blood, as are us all.
Can you sit by and watch humanity fall?

Wake up sleeping masses, Why do you obey?
Letting them steal from us every single day?
Money looses value faster then wages rise.
but the rich still get richer, there's a surprise.

Wake up sleeping masses, go drive on the highway.
They keep us using fossil fuels and they do it in a sly way.
Technology has been suppressed to keep us dumbed down sheep.
If they won't let us dream we won't let them sleep.

Wake up sleeping masses, do you like the surveillance?
Honestly the hypocrisy, I'm running out of patients.
If there's nothing to hide governments, lets open you books.
Let's see once and for all, who are the real crooks.

Wake up sleeping masses, there selling you lies!
All the shit they sell you, it's all under disguise.
Don't question what's in your food, who are you to care?
When they ignore repeated requests, you'd better beware!

Wake up sleeping masses, tel-a-lie vision has you caught.
When people realize and throw them out, watch the onslaught.
Football keeps you busy while they steal our world around us.
And only football, gossip and fashion make any media fuss.

Wake up sleeping masses, money is an illusion.
Economy is imaginary, we are suffering mass delusion.
The numbers are all made up to add to the confusion.
And the fear that they decide to add into the fusion.

Wake up sleeping masses, can't you feel it yet?
Every day we wake up to some new threat.
To erode our human rights, that is their game.
And slowly send the clever ones totally insane.

Wake up sleeping masses, look at what we've done.
how will you explain the destruction to your daughters and your sons?
We leave them a toxic mess and suffering abound.
What we need is a fix-it plan that's totally sound.

Wake up sleeping masses, we are tied to this planet!
If she goes haywire, we all die, dammit!
If you think I'm joking just look up E.L.E.
We will never allow this to happen once we are all free.

Wake up sleeping masses, we are all the same.
We all know what it's like to bleed and feel pain.
We all have bodies, a soul and a brain.
So does mother Earth, don't play their mind game.

Wake up sleeping masses, the walls they are all fake.
People mostly want the same for goodness sake.
To live a full life that's happy, that will suffice.
Nobody should have to suffer the roll of the dice.

Wake up sleeping masses, tear down the walls.
Forget the reasoning coming from masonic halls.
That means your education, mainly based on lies.
It's easier by far once you see through the guise.

Wake up sleeping masses, we have everything we need.
Just research it for yourself, I beg and I plead.
If not for these corporations the world would already be free.
This trap we are in was engineered, trust me!

Wake up sleeping masses, it's time to show your pain.
It's time we kick the assholes out and take back the reigns.
They were set up for us, servants they are supposed to be
The situation honestly don't look like that to me!

Wake up sleeping masses, it's time to save our asses.
Do you think this time humanity gets free passes?
Quit waiting for a savior, today it happens to be you.
Let's get this party started, together we can pull through.

Wake up sleeping masses, let's decide our fate.
Many suffer every second, for many it's too late.
Every second we delay more lives are sadly lost.
We can end all needless suffering if we just remove the cost.

Wake up sleeping masses, We're being take for a ride
Don't forget to wake up, keeping you asleep is pride.
To realize your life was built on lies is hard to digest.
But once you do, you'll realize we have to wake the rest.

Wake up sleeping masses, organize at will.
Keep up moral reasoning, not in it for the thrill.
Remember we need each other in order to survive.
A healthy, happy human race is designed to truly thrive.

Wake up sleeping masses, now's time to choose.
Whatever happens, plan like we can't loose.
Insurrection is not needed, it benefits the armed.
Sustained, organized resistance is what keeps them alarmed.

Wake up sleeping masses, Wake up sleeping masses!


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