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Registering as a charity

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Registering as a charity

Post by Dan on Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:48 pm

We do not have to incorporate at all if we choose, but there are a lot of perks being a registered charity. In NSW it is possible to obtain a licence to fundraise, but this is limited to NSW. Without talking to someone legal this is going to be a hard decision. Registering has benifits like free stuff, more people willing to give and a host of other things. If we don't register we can remain on gifts and try and avoid paying tax, but we will never own anything. If we register here we will have to repeat the same thing in every country, perhaps even state.

Regardless of this, each chapter needs at least 4 people and each group needs 2. - applying for a fundraising licence - Registering not for profit or charitable organisations

If we are non incorporated it is harder to do stuff. If we incorporate we waste time and resources but will likely get more down the line.

Any thoughts?


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