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What is the GA?

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What is the GA?

Post by Dan on Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:13 pm

The GA process online is different to one held in person as there are no hand signals, and process is something that can be adhered to much easier. The rules are;

Bring an item to the agenda, with a description of what you want to discuss and why, and we will discuss it. This can be anything related to Peace! Projects and Action Groups can be started here. as well as raising any ideas or concerns.

As we are growing over the next few months we can discuss the nuances of the GA, and process, but to start with we are going to keep everything very simple to help us get going. Anything in Peace! can be looked at and queried after a decision has been made with a good enough reason.

Try and stay on topic and be polite. We need to be in agreement for things to work.


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