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Ian Brown- F.E.A.R

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Ian Brown- F.E.A.R

Post by Balearicdreams on Fri Oct 18, 2013 5:33 pm

This song has been out over a decade, and I get it jammed in my head a lot. But I dont mind at all, because it is a great song, easily appropriated to a cultural revolution. I put in brackets how I interpret this song. And what do you know, the etymological spin is lifted from Malcolm X (according to Ian Brown himself).

Ian Brown- F.E.A.R

For each a road (we must all follow our own path)
For every man a religion (stay true to our beliefs)
Find everybody and rule (find eachother) the lyric could also be 'rue' which is to lament something which could have been...

For/ F*** Everything and rumble (forget it all and fight- default scared human behaviour)
Forget everything and remember (forget what you have been told. re-educating yourself based on evidence and remembered humanity)
For everything, a reason (everything is inter-dependent)
Forgive everybody and remember (we will have to forgive atrocities in order to re-discover our humanity, but our humanity wont allow us to forget)

For each a road
For every man, a religion
Face everybody and rue (come out and say it, regret it later)

For/ f*** Everything and rumble
Forget everything and remember
For everything, a reason


Finding eternity arouses reactions (showing a new way out prompts activism)
Freeing excellence affects reality (allowing humans to be creatively free will change the world- technology)
Fallen empires are ruling (AHEM...)
Find earth and reap (plant seeds, harvest fruit, back to nature, the earth we all depend on)

Fantastic expectations, amazing revelations (what I have, what I discover)
Final execution and resurrection (carrying out our plans and allowing the human spirit to be reborn)
Free expression as revolution (allowing humans to be creatively free will change the world- artistically)
Finding everything and realizing (waking up/ opening your eyes to the corrupt global systems of power)

You got the fear
You got the fear
You got the fear
You got the fear
You got the fear

(You got the fear)

In addition, I find that the greatest barrier to pro-activity is fear! How does everybody else interpret this song? Does anybody have a similar political/ philosophical attachment to a song? I'd love to hear it :-) or even better if you have your own you can analyse for us!


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