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british consulate

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british consulate

Post by Dan on Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:29 pm

I am a UK citizen on a working holiday in Australia. Due to circumstances beyond my control I ran out of money abroad and have been homeless for the past four months. There is currently no help being offered to me by the british consulate here, they were trying to get in contact with my family to see if they can help me to get home, but my family do not have the means to help.

I am owed money by the british government (namely croydon housing benefits) and they are not giving me these funds, despite me explaining my situation and being entitled to this money. There is no easy way for me to contract their office from abroad. This money would be more than enough to get me home.

I have been sleeping rough and depending on handouts from churches and people and am lucky to have found these things, or I would have starved by now. I have no way to get home and it is proving difficult to find work in the current economic climate, even if i did not have the complication of being on the streets.

I think there should be more support offered to people in my position to stop people from having to suffer abroad!


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